How Canadian generosity makes a Cuban difference!

Cubability: Friends of Cuba 

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CUBAbility activity

The third Container of musical instruments and some other items  arrived  in Matanzas in early November 2018.. Over the next few weeks the contents will be unpacked sorted and distributed to various organizations and individuals in Matanzas. The jewell in the crown is the Estonia Concert Grand piano donated by Ralph Corliss, which is destined for the newly renovated Teatro Sauto which will  be a fitting venue for high quality musical performances in the city of Matanzas 

Agua Viva

Listen to Harry, a member of Agua Viva:

or listen to the joyous group performing in Matanzas recently....

The first two container projects in 2013 and 2015 were both a resounding success..

Watch the movie

A movie of the visit to Matanzas and the concert (approx 19 minutes) demonstrating the results of the 2013 container project can be viewed at 

Piano tuning and repair 

Ralph Corliss and Kathy Normandau spent  a week in Matanzas repairing and tuning pianos and training Cubans to continue this task. See them in action at

Celebration concert

A concert to celebrate the arrival of the second container of musical instruments was held in Matanzas during the first week of February 2016. A group from Toronto attended the event under the guidance of Chris Levan