How Canadian generosity makes a Cuban difference!

Cubability: Friends of Cuba 

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Everyone wants to make a difference, Canadians and Cubans alike. We have discovered that our common efforts, even though they appear small, can make a big difference for everyone.  In the course of our work we have built bridges of trust and friendship which last a lifetime. The generosity of spirit that flows across international borders  is the only pathway to lasting peace and sustainable propserity. Why not join us as we take small steps along that journey? 


Been to CUBA? Ahhhh! Did you bring back some Cuban currency (CUCs)?  “CUBAbility: Friends of Cuba” can put those CUCs to good use! (Every small amount makes a big difference where the minimum wage is only 11 CUC’s a *month*). We are asking everybody to take leftover CUCs to church on Palm Sunday, March 24, and forward them to CUBAbility: Friends of Cuba, c/o College StUnited Church, 454 College St., Toronto, M6G 1A1; [email protected], 416-466-1932. Gracias!

Donations are made through College Street United Church

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