How Canadian generosity makes a Cuban difference!

Cubability: Friends of Cuba 

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The third container....

Here is Adele with a guitar she is donating for use in Cuba...Adele is a song writer and singer from Toronto

Group of musicians in Matanzas

Music  is a very important part of Cuban culture. From the familiar traditional Cuban folk and popular songs through Jazz to the Classical repertoire, which can be heard in such choirs as the Coro de Matanzas, a chamber choir  that could rank among the word's best, the Cubans are a musical people. However the years of isolation have made it very difficult to obtain musical instruments.  Resources are scarce. For instance, the faculy of music in Matanzas has no concert hall for its students. The Kairos Centre at the Primera Iglesia Bautista in Matanzas now offers the church space for concerts as a result of a generous donation to purchase a piano so that performances could be staged in the church sanctuary, but no such instrument was  obtainable in Cuba. With the help of Friends of Cuba a suitable instrument was located and purchased in Toronto and shipped to Cuba. The idea is to finance a third container to ship any other musical instruments that can be collected from donors in Canada. The container is quite large and could accommodate a large number of musical instruments as well as many other commodities such as usable electrial appliances, computers, folding chairs and tables, baking flour etc that could be very useful to the Cubans. The cost of a container from Toronto to Cuba is around $4,500 to $5000 and Canadians rose to the occasion in 2015 and sent the container on its way just before Christmas. Thanks to all who donated and assisted in this worthwhile venture ! We are now fundraising to finance the third container.